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Looking back

2004 to 2015: In total, around 485 candidates from diverse fields of study at universities in German- and French-speaking Switzerland have attended 19 DIVE workshops, where they got to know McKinsey and made many new friends. Here are a few of their comments:

Why apply for DIVE?

I would recommend that anybody considering their career options and ready for a challenge takes a DIVE right into this workshop! It certainly opened a new avenue for me and convinced me to pursue a career in management consulting. I was able to discover more about the reality of a consultant’s life, the day-to-day running of a project, what kind of people I might be working with, and what it is like to spend all day with them! At DIVE, I could see first hand that my background as an engineer is actually perfect training for being a successful consultant. The workshop is also a lot of fun - I was surprised that it is not all work. During the workshop I had a chance to really get to know some amazing people - from fellow students to a McKinsey partner - whom I am all still in touch with today. All in all, DIVE is a great chance to discover whether consulting is made for you and whether you are made for consulting.

Vincent Vanneau

Vincent participated in DIVE 2014. He holds both a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Materials Science and Engineering from the EPFL Lausanne. He joined McKinsey Geneva as a Fellow in September 2014.

What did you like best about DIVE?

For me, DIVE was an amazing opportunity to learn more about consulting. Coming from a non-financial background and basically not knowing anything about a consultant’s life, I found it extremely helpful to get an inside view of the everyday processes that I'm now experiencing. What I especially liked was the teamwork and being guided by real consultants – not to forget the really fun weekend! We enjoyed great dinners and went out to discover Amsterdam together – most of us are still in contact today. The fact that several of my fellow participants on DIVE are now also working for McKinsey says it all. Apply and make up your own mind about consulting - I can only recommend it!

Alessa Perotti

Alessa is a DIVE 2016 participant. She holds a B.Sc. in Food Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and joined McKinsey as an Intern in November 2016. 

How did DIVE help you to understand life at McKinsey?

DIVE gave me a unique opportunity to learn more about the fascinating projects McKinsey undertakes and grasp the essence of its culture. Without a doubt, it was a decisive factor in convincing me to join the Firm. I met many amazing people in a unique setting and got a real sense of the "McKinsey way". I discovered how diverse the backgrounds of McKinsey people were and it reassured me to see that my technical background was actually an advantage! On the people side, I also made useful contacts at DIVE and I'm still in touch with several of the participants and faculty members I met there. So if you're considering consulting as a career and want to spend a weekend finding out more about what working at McKinsey feels like, you should definitely take part in DIVE!

Robert Baldwin

Robert participated in DIVE 2015. He holds a B.Sc. in Life Science from the EPFL Lausanne. He joined McKinsey Geneva as an Intern in October 2015 and has taken on the role of Fellow Analyst since January 2016.

How would you describe your first 100 days with McKinsey?

My first 100 days with McKinsey have been amazing, and much more diverse than I would ever have expected. With my background in Biology, I expected to be assigned to client projects in the pharmaceuticals or healthcare sectors. However, my first study was for an insurance company that had requested McKinsey's support in designing its cybersecurity offering. I was extremely impressed by McKinsey's network of internal experts, and my team members' willingness to coach me and teach me the required consultant skills meant I had a great experience on this project. Given my lack of experience in the fields of cybersecurity and insurance, that was something I hadn't necessarily expected when I'd first been assigned to the project! The rest of the 100 days, during which I worked with a team helping a pharma company reorganize its organizational structure, were just as enjoyable. DIVE had already removed some of my doubts about switching from the life sciences to consulting, but after getting an insider's view of how McKinsey and its people operate, I have never regretted the switch. 

Sarah Amrein

Sarah participated in DIVE 2014. She holds an M.Sc. in Human Biology from the University of Lausanne. She joined McKinsey Zurich as an Intern in May 2015 before being appointed to the role of Fellow in February 2016.